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How to Select Between Vancouver Locksmiths

You never think about how important it is to have a good locksmith in your Rolodex until an emergency comes up. You lock yourself out of your house or office, you cannot get into your car when you are in a rush to get somewhere … you know the drill. In situations like these, having a locksmith you trust that you can pick up the phone and call to bail you out is invaluable.

But finding a locksmith that is reliable and affordable is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do your due diligence and follow a smart procedure when choosing the best possible locksmith to fit your needs. So when considering Vancouver locksmiths, there are several factors you should keep in mind.

Ask Your Friends and Family

You can do all the necessary research, but sometimes word of mouth can be the most effective method at finding a quality locksmith. If somebody you know and trust has a locksmith who has gotten the job done for them while proving to be trustworthy can make your decision of who to hire much easier. If a locksmith has done a good job for a friend or family member, for your purposes, you have tangible proof that locksmith is good at what they do.

Research Professional Reputation

The Better Business Bureau exists for a reason, so make use of it. If you are researching Vancouver locksmiths, looking into a company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau and checking reviews and complaints can, at the very least, may help you narrow the field.

Consult Web Reviews

Online reviews are not an exact science because they can be tainted by those with agendas or even by competitors who pretend to be reviewers, but they can still be very useful if you’re seeking a consensus opinion.

If nothing else, a website like Yelp allows you to see a collection of reviews that can show you either a negative or positive trend in what people are saying about a particular company, which can help steer your search if you are looking for a way to choose between Vancouver locksmiths.

Make Sure the Locksmith is Properly Licensed

The temptation may arise to use an unlicensed locksmith because that company may be cheaper or more responsive due to a desperate need for business. You should avoid this temptation at all costs because unlicensed locksmiths are far more likely to cause you headaches.

Whereas you have little to no protection with an unlicensed locksmith, a licensed locksmith is insured against occupational hazards, can be tracked down by law enforcement, and can be punished if they do something wrong, so they must behave accordingly.

With unlicensed locksmiths, there can be issues with lack of financial protection in case damage is done, and you could find yourself in a situation where you’ve unwittingly hired a fly-by-night company and have no recourse.

It is always better to select a locksmith with whom these are not potential problems, so you should insist that any company you hire is properly licensed and insured.

Shop Around

When deciding which Vancouver locksmith to hire, you want the best possible company to handle your needs, but odds are the price is going to be a major consideration too. This is why contacting companies and getting estimates is such a crucial part of the process. That said, it is important to understand that some locksmith work requires a higher level of expertise and may not be able to be done cheaply.

For example, the need to deal with laser beams or electric fences could be part of the equation. It is also possible that a computerized lock system could be involved, which would entail knowing cryptography and codes to fix or install. All of this must be kept in mind when comparing prices quoted so that, in the end, you can make your decision based on who is offering you the best combination of expertise, service, and price.

Look for Price Transparency

One issue you may encounter when deciding which Vancouver locksmiths you want to work with is that an estimate you are given could be misleading. Companies sometimes put a price on the website or give you an estimate that is significantly lower than what they are actually planning to charge you for the totality of the work you need done. While this is not an entirely uncommon practice, it is definitely sneaky and in no way above board. That is why when you are getting ready to finalize your decision you should verify exactly how much the work is going to cost and get an agreement in writing.

Getting an agreement in writing will legally lock in the price and remove the possibility of a company pulling a bait-and-switch by quoting a price and then using hidden fees and other tricks to pad your bill and drive the final price up.

Be Aware of the Potential Need for Specialization

While it is quite obviously more convenient to have one locksmith company handle all of your needs, this may not be possible. This is especially true if you are dealing with a complex system that involves multiple layers, which could be the case with an office building’s lock system. If this ends up being the situation, it makes your job harder because now you have to shop for multiple locksmiths or find one that is capable of handling numerous tasks.

Keep in mind that even if the locksmith company you select cannot handle all of your needs, that locksmith can be a big help to you since it is likely to have connections to other companies who can take care of what your chosen locksmith cannot do themselves.

With that said, some companies are a jack of all trades in this industry, so it may be in your best interest to spend time finding the right locksmith.

Harry’s is Your Go-To Company for Building Lock Replacement Services

For many building owners, security is a top priority. You wouldn’t trust just anyone with entry into your building. So why trust just any company with your lock replacement service? If you have a tenant move out, an employee leave the company, or another change in building occupancy, you may decide that it’s time to change or upgrade your locks.

But not any locksmith will do. You’ll want to find a company that’s reliable, trustworthy, and has a history of providing quality service and products. We’re confident Harry’s Locksmith fits the bill.

Here are our top reasons that Harry’s is your go-to company for building lock replacement service.

We Always Answer the Call

Harry’s is your go-to company for lock replacement services because we’re always there to answer the call. We understand that emergencies happen. That’s why we provide 24-hour emergency service. If you experience a threat to your safety and security and want to remedy the situation immediately, we’ll be there to provide emergency lock replacement services. Harry’s is here to work for you around the clock when you need it the most and we’re always quick to respond.

We’re Trustworthy

According to the Better Business Bureau, there are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a locksmith. For instance, you should be wary of a company that provides a low estimate but then adds expensive fees for labor, mileage, or other parts of the job.

Instead, look for a reputable company that has a history of providing reliable quotes. It’s also a good idea to ask for recommendations from those you know who have recently worked with a locksmith and to ask for the credentials of any company you hire.

Harry’s was established in 1949 and there’s a reason we’ve been in business for so long. It’s because of our strong reputation in the industry and the quality service that we provide. We will give you accurate estimates so you know exactly what our lock replacement services will cost. Harry’s also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is an active member of the Greater Vancouver Business Bureau, so you can be confident that you are hiring a trusted locksmith to perform the job. For more BBB tips on hiring the right locksmith, look here.

Since locksmiths will have access to your home, building, or car, it’s important to hire the right one. You can never be too careful and should do diligent research before deciding which locksmith to hire.

Our Staff is Knowledgeable

Commercial buildings have to be code compliant and that includes doors and locks. There are certain types of locks and hardware that you will need in order for your building to pass commercial inspection. For instance, you will need to have fire exit hardware and panic exit locks so that your occupants can exit the building quickly and safely in case of an emergency.

In addition to providing emergency egress, doors and hardware should be ADA-compliant. We can upgrade hardware to meet ADA standards, as well as install automatic door openers to ensure code compliance. If you are considering lock replacement services, it’s important to hire a local locksmith who is familiar with the International Building Code, as well as local laws and regulations.

It’s important the locksmith you hire provides you not only with what you need but also with what you want. There are many locks on the market and if you are looking for an upgrade, you’ll want to find someone who can provide expert advice and recommendations. That’s why it’s important to hire locksmiths who are familiar with the latest products on the market.

For instance, do you want a lock that provides a delayed egress option? This would be good for buildings in which occupants must be closely monitored. For instance, the maternity ward of a hospital could benefit from delayed egress hardware so that security can keep a close watch on those entering and exiting that part of the building.

Or perhaps you have a mag lock and need help deciding between a fail-secure locking device, which will remain locked when the power is lost or, a fail-safe locking device, which unlocks when power is lost. The former might work best for a storage room, for instance, that has valuables you want to keep secure even when power is lost.

If you’re uncertain which option you prefer or feel overwhelmed by the available choices, our expert locksmiths will work with you to determine what options are best for you and your business.

We’re a One-Stop Shop

Harry’s is your go-to company for lock replacement services because we’re a full-service locksmith. If you own a business, a home, and a vehicle, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need a locksmith on more than one occasion. Why not use a locksmith that’s well versed in all areas? Why roll the dice and take your chances each time you need to hire a locksmith? Instead, look for one that is skilled in multiple lock replacement services.

Harry’s Locksmith offers commercial, residential, and automobile services. We’re a one-stop shop for your service needs. As the Better Business Bureau suggests, if you have found a locksmith that you enjoy working with, save their contact info for the next time you need service. This will be easier if you have a locksmith that is skilled in all areas-residential, commercial, and automobile.

Are you in need of immediate lock replacement services? We get can get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and for an affordable price.

To get started, fill out this easy online form. We’ll contact you to learn more about your needs and determine how we can provide you with the best possible lock replacement service. We understand the importance of your safety and security. Harry’s is not only your go-to company. We’re key to getting your lock replacement services done right.



The Best Locksmith Will Offer These Services

With so many locksmiths to choose from, we understand how difficult it can be to unlock the key to the best locksmith. Harry’s Locksmith has been serving customers in the Portland, Vancouver, and surrounding areas for more than 60 years. That’s why we want to offer our expertise to help you find the locksmith that will be key to fulfilling your needs.

We’ll begin by helping you understand what the best locksmiths will offer. If you’re in the market for a locksmith, this is exactly what you should be looking for.


If you’re a business owner, the first thing your locksmith should be able to offer you is security and peace of mind. With technological advancements, there are many new features on the market. Your locksmith will help you understand what options are best for you and provide a range of services that suit your needs.

The best locksmiths will perform assessments and help you identify what type of locks would work well for your particular business. There are a number of options to choose from and your locksmith should be able to recommend the best form of protection for your specific type of business.

For instance, if your business employs numerous people and experiences employee turnover from time to time, you may want to use our rekeying services to disable old keys without replacing your commercial locks. On the other hand, you may decide that you want a master key so that you can access all areas of your establishment quickly and easily. Whatever your needs, the best locksmiths will be able to provide the products and services to fulfill each.

At Harry’s Locksmith, your safety and security are our top priorities. We’ll help you determine what solution works best for you, while also keeping your building safe and secure. For a comprehensive view of our commercial services, look here.

Panic Hardware

In addition to finding a quality locksmith that will provide you exactly what you’re looking for, you should also find a locksmith who has knowledge of commercial property requirements. The best locksmiths will be able to advise you about what type of door hardware you’ll need in order to get your building up to code and ensure that it is as safe as possible.

International Building Code will determine the type of panic hardware you need. The two types of exit locks you’ll need are panic and fire. However, the best locksmiths understand that your safety and security go beyond just the lock itself. There are several door components that protect you in the event of an emergency.

Many people overlook, for instance, the importance of door closers in preventing the spread of fires. While fire hardware ensures a quick exit in emergency situations, door closers will help the door shut quickly behind you. This is important to prevent the spread of fire, protecting both you and your property.

In addition to installing fire exit locks, the best locksmiths will also make sure that your door closers are working effectively and are code-compliant. There are several types of door closers from which to choose. Just as with the other commercial products we offer, we’ll help you determine which door closer is the best type for your business.

Emergency Services

It will inevitably happen. You’ll lock yourself out in the middle of the night and need a locksmith to help you get back in. The best locksmiths will operate around the clock and provide fast arrival times even after business hours. We have a great team of full-service locksmiths to help you with your commercial lockout needs. We offer 24-hour emergency services so that we’re able to provide whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We understand that your time is valuable. We’ll help you gain access into your building as quickly as possible.

Experience and Expertise

Of course, the best locksmiths have built a quality reputation for themselves. You’ll want to look for a locksmith that has both experience and expertise. Harry’s Locksmith has been around since 1949 and there’s a reason we’re still in business. It’s because we provide quality service to all our customers. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the five-star ratings we have received from the majority of our customers.

In addition to our quality of service, we also provide a range of expertise. The best locksmiths know that each business or residence will require unique services. We’re able to provide the best products for you based on your individual or company needs. Furthermore, we provide it all at no-cost estimates. Quality locksmiths will not charge for estimates or have hidden fees or unexpected charges. At Harry’s Locksmith, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for before we even start the job. We also offer top-notch services at the best possible prices.

Once you’ve selected the right commercial locksmith, it’s important to remember that your relationship with your locksmith should be ongoing. Each time your business goes through a personnel change, for instance, you’ll want to contact your commercial locksmith to rekey your locks or change your security codes so that you can maintain a safe working environment.

You should also contact your commercial locksmith for annual inspections, so you can make sure everything is operating smoothly and that you’re still code-compliant. As a business grows and evolves, your needs may change. Your commercial locksmith will be able to reassess your particular situation and make the appropriate recommendations.

We’re skilled at knowing exactly what you need to enhance your commercial property, often times before you even do. That is why it’s so important to find the right commercial locksmith for you. We’re pretty sure we hold the key.

How a Commercial Locksmith Determines the Hinges to Use

Growing your business should be an exciting venture that is full of possibility and while the company logistics should be a priority, employee and property safety needs to be at the top of the list as well.

Sure, it’s fun to dream of profits margins and the customers you are sure to serve, but it’s just as important to keep in mind the nuts and bolts of your commercial building.

This step is crucial for any new business owner or corporation and taking the time to learn the ins-and-outs of running a commercial building will pay off later.

Take, for instance, the doors that you will need to have installed on your property. Have you considered what type of hinges to use? It might seem small, but if you pick the wrong hinge for your doors, or worse, have your hinges improperly installed, these mistakes can lead to big consequences.

A commercial locksmith, like Harry’s Locksmith, has a specific way of determining which hinges they’ll install on your door. And today we’re going to demystify the process.

Most commercial locksmiths will tell you that there are industry tips and tricks that the layperson is probably not aware of and one of the things that a commercial locksmith can determine is what type of hinges will best suit your space, but let’s start with the basics.

What is a Hinge?

A hinge is the mechanical bearing that connects your door to the frame and while you might think that any old hinge will work on any door, your deeply mistaken. Different hinges allow different types of access to your entryway and are typically heavier so as to support metal or large doors that most commercial businesses typically have. There are even electronic hinge alternatives for doors that operate on an electronic access system. But before we discuss these varieties, let’s first understand how a hinge works.

Parts of a Hinge

A hinge is made up of five basic components. The leaves, the bearings, the pin, the “knuckle”, and the tips. The leaves are the metal plates that are attached to the door and the door frame. Bearings keep the hinge aligned and help protect the hinge from wear. The pin connects the leaves inside the “knuckle” and is the axis on which the hinge will bend. The “knuckle” is the hollow portion of the hinge and it creates the joint through which the pin passes. The tips, both the top tip and the bottom tip, help protect the inside of knuckle and keep the pin clean.

Now that you understand the basics, let’s explore the different types of hinges that can be used for your commercial building.

Types of Hinges

Most standard commercial hinges that are architectural grade strength will have similar properties, but there are some differences that a commercial locksmith would have to decide between.

For instance, most commercial hinges are standard or heavy weight, but could have either square or round corners. A commercial hinge could be ‘“template” or “non-template” hinges, which means that the screw pattern can either follow architectural guidelines (which would allow a standard hollow metal door prep) or not. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if a commercial door is intended for heavy use, you might want to choose a heavy-weight hinge, which will better be able to withstand the pressure of high-traffic use.

If you’re interested in an electric door hinge, that is another possibility. The options for these types of hinges are wired, concealed magnetic contact, and exposed electrical contact.

There are also some options when it comes to the types of leaves on your door hinge. Leaves could be equal or unequal widths, they could be bent to compensate for a door with a beveled edge, or “swaged”. You could also use any of the following bearings; ball bearings, concealed bearings, lube bearings, or “plain” bearings, but these differences will only matter to protect the longevity of your hinge, as the components tend to wear over time.

A commercial hinge might also have a joint that has any number of knuckles on them. While three is the most common design, there are certainly hinges that have five or more knuckles. And of course, the tips of your hinge can be decorative or plain.

All of these options might seem confusing, but a commercial locksmith will be more than happy to help you figure out which type of hinge will work best for your building.

Though, if you’re looking to install a hinge yourself, it’s important to keep in mind the cost of maintenance and how the materials will wear as time goes on. There is nothing worse than having to replace a hinge because the materials broke easily or they needed replacing after a small amount of use.

A commercial locksmith is the best way to assuage these concerns and will often guide you in selecting the choice that is most effective and cost-efficient. While the parts of a hinge might not seem pricey, picking the wrong materials that easily break or are unnecessarily expensive is not a dilemma that you should have to face.

At Harry’s Locksmith, we are experts when it comes to the safety of entering and existing commercial properties. Not only will our specialists deliver superior customer service, but we pride ourselves on easy and knowledgeable installations.

If you’re looking to move into your first commercial property or just want to update your hardware but don’t know where to start, allow us to guide you through this process. We will make sure that you are installing your commercial hinges properly, at a low cost, and with thorough consideration as to how your hinges will wear over time.

Give us a call today and let us help you keep your business running safely and efficiently.

What Makes an Entrance ADA Complaint?

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act took effect in the early 1990s, it has helped improve the quality of life for many disabled individuals that are out living and working in various parts of the country.

Businesses have many different requirements to follow and having ADA compliant entrances are one of the most important details that must be adhered to. The ADA states that people living with disabilities should not be restricted in arriving on site to a building or facility. They should be able to enter as easily as others do. For this reason, it is important to be sure that your facility has met ADA compliance rules.Woman in Wheelchair Opening Non-ADA Complaint Door - Harry's Locksmith

ADA standards apply to all places of public accommodation, including businesses, commercial facilities, and state and local government buildings and sites.

Whether you’re planning on constructing a new building or you are working on upgrading your business or facility to become ADA compliant, it is important to make sure you understand the various requirements that are outlined by the law. Learn more from our specialty locksmith team at Harry’s Locksmith by gaining many the important details you need below.

Parking and Drop-off Areas

The curbs must have curb cuts at parking and drop-off areas and there should be parking spaces designated for lift vans and other vehicles that require disability accessibility.

Disabled parking spaces should be close to the exit and entrances and should be marked clearly. The minimum number of accessible spaces will vary for each facility, depending on the total amount of parking spaces offered. At least one of every six accessible spaces, needs to be large enough to accommodate vans.

Approaching the Facility

One of the first requirements is that stairs should not be a necessity to enter the building. If there are stairs, there should also be a walkway that is stable and slip resistant and at least 36 inches wide so people with wheelchairs, crutches, canes, and walkers can access it.

If there are objects around the path, they need to be easily detectable for a person with visual disabilities using a cane. Hardened materials such as asphalt, concrete, tile, and wood are firm and stable enough for accessibility. Loose materials like gravel are not firm enough and will not meet ADA guidelines.


The ADA requires that ramps cannot have a greater ratio of one inch in height to 12 inches along the ramp base. If the ramp is longer than six feet, railings on both sides are mandatory. Railings need to be slip resistant and steady and need to be 34 to 38 inches high. In some instances, elevators or platform lifts may be used as an alternative option.

Entering the Facility

If stairs are the main way to enter the building, there should also be a lift or ramp option for the disabled. If there are inaccessible entrances, they should be marked clearly and there should be directions to another alternate accessible entrance in the area that can be used independently.

At the entrance door, there should be a 32-inch clear opening and there should be at least 18 inches of clear space on the pulling side of the door, near the handle. The threshold should not be more than a quarter inch, as this could be a severe tripping hazard. If the edge is beveled, it can be no more than 3/4 inches high.

Door hardware is also important here, as the handle on the door cannot be more than 48 inches
and it should be able to open without tight grasping or twisting. People that have mobility issues or arthritis need to have the option for an easy-to-operate handle, such as a lever or loop handle.

Traditional round door knobs are not accessible because they require twisting and grasping. If your door has an automatic closer on it, it should open at a 90-degree angle and should take three to five seconds to close to allow for a person to get in and out without feeling rushed in fear of the door closing on them.

If there are multiple entrances in the facility, the accessible entrances need to be left open or unlocked during business hours. If there are safety and security precautions in place and the building needs to remain locked, there should be an intercom or doorbell that is mounted no more than four feet above the ground, so the person can alert the staff that they need to enter the building.

Does Your Existing Facility Need Upgrades?

Now that the requirements are outlined above, it is important to survey your facility to see what needs to be done to make it fully ADA compliant.

Start outside and look closely at site arrival points including the parking lot and sidewalk areas. Move next to the entrances and make a checklist of what is already there and what needs to be changed. Be sure to bring along a measuring tape and take accurate measurements so you can be certain that what is there is already compliant.

When in doubt, take pictures, measure a few times, and write things down. This allows you to stay organized and work through the checklist with ease.

If your survey results show that you need to make some changes to your facility, you have likely started searching for an experienced specialty locksmith in the Portland metro area to help get your entrance ADA compliant. Look no further than Harry’s Locksmith.

Our team of knowledgeable locksmiths have worked with businesses and residents for over six decades and we provide a variety of services in addition to helping people with lockouts. We can work quickly to install automatic door operators and have the right kind of hardware for your business to upgrade and meet current ADA standards.

Our specialty locksmith services also include rekeying and master keying services, commercial electronic access control, security solutions, and more. Contact Harry’s Locksmith today for information on the services we provide that will help ensure your facility is ADA compliant.

The Major Differences Between Electrified Locks and Electric Strikes

Businesses used to rely on the traditional lock and key, just like homes. But the security just didn’t hold up. Thankfully, tremendous strides have been made in the locksmith industry and there are options to fit doors and budgets of all sizes.

Today, a hot option for businesses is to protect their spaces via electronic entrances. The benefits are numerous. Owners can easily determine who is coming in and out of the space, are no longer regularly replacing lost keys, and don’t have to replace said keys every time there is a staffing change.

Even within electronic entrances, there are various options, but you should understand the difference between fail-safe and fail-secure locking devices.

Fail-safe and Fail-Secure Locking Devices

With fail-safe locks, the default state is actually unlocked. To keep it locked during normal business operations, power is applied. Should the power be interrupted or fail, the door automatically unlocks or releases to let people out of the space.

The Major Differences Between Electrified Locks & Electric Strikes

Fail-safe locks are mostly used for main entry points like office doors or lobby access doors. A popular use for this application is maglocks which, by design, require power to operate.

With fail-secure locks, if the power is interrupted or fails, the door stays locked. Its default state is locked or secured, so the door gets locked when power is removed. Fail-secure locks are often used for IT rooms or other sensitive areas.

However, because the door keeps locked in emergencies, typically it will be used in conjunction with a mechanical override, such as a regular key. Fail-secure locks are used for fire-related doors or staircase (stairwell) doors. The reason is that in the case of a fire, those doors should remain closed to seal off a portion of the space and help reduce the fire from spreading.

To make the best decision for your location you’ll want to consider cost, convenience, and having the proper fail-safes in place. This is what you’ll want to know before visiting with the closest locksmith.

1. Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are generally used with metal or wood doors. They can also be used in conjunction with a deadbolt, which is good because if you are not currently using something electronic, odds are you are using a deadbolt and will need something that is compatible.

There are many ways to describe an electric strike, but the easiest way to understand what it is would be to think of it like a door buzzer in an apartment building. Electric strikes work virtually the exact same way.

No physical key is needed, but the door remains locked while only authorized users can be buzzed in. This most commonly is done in the form of a buzzer, keypad, fob reader, or key card.

Given its compatibility with wood and metal doors and general affordability compared to other electronic door security options, electric strikes are a very popular both in the home and for commercial properties.

Fail-secure and fail-safe measures can both be easily taken with an electric strike as well. If the power goes out, the fail-secure with an electric strike is that the doors remain locked, but can be opened manually either by turning the door latch or using a physical key.

2. Electric Push Bars or Exit Bars

These are generally used in order to comply with fire code. The doors are locked by default, but the push bars make a fast exit from a building possible in the event of a fire.

You will often see the push bars on side entrance doors in large buildings and they are required by law in a lot of cases because if there is a fire, people can run down a flight of stairs and push the bar quickly to get out.

A push bar allows a building to have a modern access control system operating its doors while also complying with safety and fire code regulations, making it a suitable option in many cases.

3. Magnetic Locks

These types of locks are perfect for a modern office building because most architects now design buildings with elegant glass doors and those are not always compatible with physical locks.

They operate using a powerful electromagnet attached to the top door frame at the corner with a corresponding metal plate on the door itself, meaning the locks work just like two large magnets.

Magnetic locks are a workaround for those designs and the amount of force necessary to operate the door’s opening and closing usually varies based on how large the door is in each scenario. As a result, magnetic locks can be a very classy option.

However, it should be kept in mind that they quite often require motion sensors and backup batteries to operate. They are also one of the more expensive options, so if you are on a budget and looking to cut costs, magnetic locks are probably not the way you want to go.

4. Electrified Mortise Locks / Wired Mortise Locks

These are an excellent option because they are incredibly easy to use and operate. Mortise locks operate almost entirely like a standard lock that most people have been conditioned to use all of their lives, except they have a power cable connecting the lock to the power supply.

The only somewhat complicated part is that mortise locks require a wire to go through the doors and into the main wall, meaning you either need to use electrified door hinges or on-wall cabling to make them work.

These locks can be set up to be either fail-safe or fail-secure depending on your personal preference.

Some more expensive mortise locks can be set up to switch between fail-safe and fail-secure mode, but it can be a little complicated to install it that way, so if you choose to go that route, you will want to consult with the closest locksmith.

Although mortise locks are a classy option like magnetic locks, unlike magnetic locks, they are not compatible with glass doors, so that must be kept in mind when deciding whether or not to use them.

Harry’s Locksmith has been a regional and community partner for businesses and residents since 1949. Our service areas include the Greater Vancouver area, Portland metro area, and the Pacific Northwest I-5 corridor. There’s no job too big or small for our team of locksmiths who are experts in their field. Our specialties include security doors, keyless entry, ada compliance, master rekeying, and fire door rating inspections.