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What are the differences between rekeying vs changing your locks? Should you rekey or change your locks?

Do you know who has keys to your home or office building? Probably more people than you think. These are a few situations where you should rekey your locks:

  • Whenever a key has been lost
  • Whenever a key has been stolen
  • If you have moved recently into a new home or office space
  • If there’s been a staffing change in your organization
  • If a house member or roommate has moved out
rekeying vs changing your locks old door knob
What is a rekey?

All this means is that instead of buying new hardware like a knob or handle for your door, a locksmith will change the pins in the lock itself so that the previous keys won’t operate it. It is usually cheaper to rekey the existing hardware than to completely replace it. Rekeying your hardware is a simple solution to keeping your home and work place safe and secure. A full service locksmith shop like Harry’s Locksmith will have the knowledge and expertise to rekey homes, office buildings, car doors, and vaults and safes.

How much does Harry’s Locksmith charge to rekey locks? There’s three main factors: location, number of locks, and number of keys.

  1. Location. Our service area fees start at $49 in the Downtown Vancouver area.
  2. Number of locks. It’s approximately $12-15 per lock cylinder that we rekey.
  3. Keys. Standard residential keys are approximately $2.75.
In what circumstance do you need to change the locks?

For example, if you have had a break in or intruder recently and the locks were damaged, you want to replace the locks.  Another good reason to change your locks is worn out hardware or if you want to upgrade to a better security system. There are numerous benefits from transitioning to keyless entry or other alternative entry options.

If you’re thinking about rekeying or changing your locks, give us a call today for a free estimate and our team will help guide you through the process and pick out the best option for you. Our locksmiths are experts in their field with over 100 years of combined industry experience rekeying homes, offices, cars, filing cabinets, desks, mail boxes, and more.


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